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Forrest Remains Recovered!

June 11, 2021




It gives me great pleasure to announce that recovery of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and Mary Ann Montgomery Forrest’s remains have been recovered from their former gravesite in Memphis.  I want to congratulate Lee Miller, the men on the Recovery Crew, and the members of the Nathan Bedford Forrest Camp #215 in Memphis, TN and the legal team of H. Edward Phillips III, Chuck Blackard, III, W. J. “Bo” Ladner, III, and Jonathan J. Pledger, on a job well done. We also thank the Forrest Family for allowing us to take part in this momentous occasion. The remains are held in an undisclosed location and later will be transported to an undisclosed location in Middle Tennessee.  These sites will be kept in secrecy for security reasons.


Now we enter the next phase, the planning for the funeral.  Fundraising still continues as we raise money for the reinterment of General Forrest and his beloved wife.  Please give to make this event happen as we bring one of our heroes home to be buried on land less than 30 minutes from where he was born.  Let us always keep in mind that we are honored by the Forrest Family to participate in this solemn occasion.  NO we do not have a date set yet, once the committee has finish all the details, then we will be making an announcement so you can make plans to attend.


Once the funeral is complete, then phase three; restoring the plaza and remounting the equestrian statue on the grave will occur.  This will not be easy nor quick.  Once complete we will rededicate this plaza to honor the General.


Please be patient with us as you and the entire membership will be informed once the date is secured.  For now, let us “walk a little prouder and hold our heads higher” in this great victory!  God has truly vindicated us in this effort.  Let us remember the charge given to us by General Stephen Dill Lee as we continue to press forward.



Deo Vindicie,

Larry McCluney, Jr.


Sons of Confederate Veterans